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| Legal & Consulting Hub | is a brand established by Bartosz Siekacz Law Office. Our law firm in cooperation with partners creates Legal & Consulting Hub, providing support, services and solutions for foreign entrepreneurs and their business operations in Poland.

The idea of is as a result of Our experience. Since 2012, Bartosz Siekacz Law Office based in Poznan, Poland has successfully provided services to companies from around the world whose interests relate directly or indirectly to the Polish territory and the Polish legal system.

Together with a host of independent partners with proven competence and experience in such areas as bookkeeping, accounting books audit, company valuation, tax consultancy, process management, we are team that is able to safely and effectively manage our clients' projects and interests in an effective way at a reasonable price.


We believe that only a comprehensive and agile approach to the challenges of our clients allows us to deliver value to their business.


Support, service &

solutions for business
in Poland is the answer to the needs of foreign clients who need one reliable partner who could provide full & comprehensive support, service and solutions for their activities in Poland.

Our approach is to provide services based on: value, agility and comprehensiveness. That's what our clients need for their effectiveness.

Therefore, our support is not only legal assistance and legal care provided by professional lawyers, but also providing process solutions for clients organizations. Our services usually include management and taking responsibility for the full implementation of our clients' projects in Poland.

News &



We publish information and a study on the issues we face in practice.


In this way we share our knowledge and show our way of thinking.


Recent News dominates about the effects on the economy and business of COVID-19. A pandemic will fundamentally change many aspects of our lives, including legal and business issues. We want to write more about what can help us in these difficult times to inform foreign clients about Polish regulations in response to a pandemic.


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