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Establishing a company in Poland by foreign entities

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs and foreign entities are deciding to establish a company in Poland or to expand their foreign operations to Poland. Our state's legal regulations in this matter clearly enable registration and conducting activity in this form by foreign entities.

As for the entrepreneurs from EU Member States, there are practically no restrictions here and they can take up and perform economic activity on the territory of the Republic of Poland on the same terms as Polish entrepreneurs. Restrictions appear in relation to foreign entities from outside the EU or EEA - they must meet certain requirements or may take up activity only in a specific form. These restrictions refer to, among others, issue of residence permit or temporary protection.

A foreign entity wishing to register its operations in Poland in the form of a company may do so both in a traditional way - by going to a notary and preparing a notarial deed, as well as electronically - by using the specially created ICT system called S24. In relation to foreign entrepreneurs, possibility of registering a company by the Internet has great importance - there is no need to invest larger financial outlays, and the organizational process itself is much simpler and more convenient.

At, we are aware of how attractive the Polish market is from the perspective of foreign entrepreneurs. To face up to the entrepreneurs from outside Poland, we implement two assumptions we have made. Firstly, we aim to facilitate and guide our clients through the process of registering their businesses in our country, and secondly, we want to take care of their newly established business. If you are willing to register a company in Poland or have any questions about this matter, we remain at your disposal and provide assistance.


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