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Support, service &

solutions for business
in Poland is the answer to the needs of foreign clients who need one reliable partner who could provide full & comprehensive support, service and solutions for their activities in Poland.

Our approach is to provide services based on: value, agility and comprehensiveness. That's what our clients need for their effectiveness.

Therefore, our support is not only legal assistance and legal care provided by professional polish lawyers, but also providing process solutions for clients organizations. Our services usually include management and taking responsibility for the full implementation of our clients' projects in Poland.

Services / GENERAL


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Services / WHAT WE DO?
Our Services

Our Services



Mergers & Acquisitions

We specialize in M&A projects and for those purposes our lawyers create and coordinate the project team, which includes selected client associates (accountants, managers) and, depending on the needs of the project, our proven partners with specialized knowledge and highest competences (valuation appraisers, auditors, tax advisors).

For the purposes of such projects, we create the assumption and coordinate all processes:

  • due diligence,

  • business valuation,

  • preparation for negotiations based on obtained information and client's interests and goals,

  • negotiations,

  • conclusion of relevant contracts,

  • post-acquisition operations,

  • mergers and holding structure.


Setting up companies

in Poland

We have broad experience in setting up companies in Poland for foreign business as well as in creating and expanding holding structures, taking into account all relevant factors.

Our services in this area include:

  • proper definition of client interests and goals,

  • understanding the client business model using the set up company,

  • defining tax risks covering transfer pricing issues, tax optimal form of employment for managers, employees and associates,

  • planning future money transfers between related companies, including possible financing and profit transfer options, 

  • appropriate balancing of the rights and obligations of the partners or shareholders in the company, depending on the client's interests.


Ongoing legal support

& legal assistance for business

Our business model is based on building solid relationships with our clients based on shared experience, partnership approach and trust. This kind of customer relationship grows up precisely by providing this type of legal service. It is based on constant support for business clients in legal and organizational challenges.

What distinguishes us is the constant concert of implementing systemic organizational solutions in their companies, based on information and conclusions that result from the matters entrusted to us. In this way, by transferring knowledge, we provide value to business.


As part of this type of services, we provide:

  • support in labor law,

  • negotiating commercial contracts,

  • labor law disputes,

  • trade and business disputes,

  • company regulations and processes,

  • ongoing legal and organizational advice,

  • support in making business decisions by defining legal risks,

  • litigation.



Intellectual Property Law

We provide comprehensive intellectual property services in four main areas:


  • IP protection,

  • IP infringements,

  • IP commercialization,

  • IP acquisition.

IP protection - supports our clients to effectively protect their intellectual property, including trademarks, confidential information and trade secrets, copyrights. In many cases, intellectual property items are protected subject to registration (trademarks), or to appropriate procedures for protecting confidentiality (trade secrets).

IP Infringement - our Law Firm handles cases for clients regarding infringement of their intellectual property rights. From a letter containing request to stop violating the IP, to settle the matter in a conciliatory manner to IP litigation before a competent court.

IP commercialization - our lawyers have experience in preparing both business assumptions & negotiations as well as preparing contracts for commercialization of intellectual property rights.

IP acquisition - taking legal regulations into account, acquiring intellectual property rights is a real challenge for any business. At the same time, acquiring IP rights is now something common and a necessity not only in business space. We understand how much effort is required to acquire intellectual property rights for business in a way that provides value for business and ensures its security.


Disputes & Litigation in Poland
debt collection in Poland

We live in a global village today, but everywhere, even within the EU legal system (acquis communautaire) in the field of litigation & debt collection, we are dealing with national applicable law and national judiciary (jurisdiction). Litigation & Debt collection from companies operating in Poland require a Polish lawyer with appropriate qualifications and experience.

We treat our clients' disputes like any other challenge facing their business. We point out different ways to end disputes, encouraging those in which the client participates in and shapes his legal situation. By preparing the client's input for making decisions, we not only embed his decisions in the perspective of costs and financial risk, but we also show other important aspects, such as time, attention and energy, related to a specific way to end the dispute. Sometimes the client's goals are realized in the business and financial plane, sometimes they relate to his prestige, ambition, good name and sense of justice. Awareness of the real goal of the client in the context of the costs and resources necessary to implement the given scenario to end the dispute, help our clients make the right decisions.

Debt collection should start with checking possible routes of action. Our service in this matter includes:

  • debt insolvency risk assessment

  • situation analysis, checking possible routes,

  • debt collection proceedings

  • enforcement proceedings (bailiff enforcement)

  • in the scope of perceived irregularities on the part of the client, implementation of system solutions that will improve his legal position in the event of such a problem in the future.



Attorney for Online Businesses provides comprehensive support for online businesses in Poland. We have developed an efficient process of building new or adapting existing e-business platforms to the requirements of the Polish and EU legal system.

Our services include:

  • preparation of store regulations,

  • preparation of general conditions for the sale / purchase of goods and services,

  • aspects of consumer protection law

  • verifying paths to purchase,

  • privacy policy,

  • user information / consent regarding cookies

  • legal issues regarding customer service processes (returns & complaints),

  • protection against infringements by competitors,

  • implementation of the GDPR requirements,

  • tax issues in cross-border trade (VAT issues, registrations, intra-Community transactions),

  • checking the correctness of the store's IP content, trademarks,

  • contracts with e-business service providers,

  • Agreements regarding the implementation of e-business software solutions based on individual proprietary solutions of a given provider, but also based on open source solutions.

Our Values

Our values

Value 01.


& Awerness

of client interest 

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